Shepherds Bush

20-year old tradition...

w_sklepieThe Shepherds Bush branch is the oldest Mleczko store established in 1996. This is where it all started and for two decades continues to provide the customers popular Polish produce: fresh meat, cold cooked and smoked meats, diary, and also Polish books and magazines such as „Twój Styl” loved by women of all ages, „Wprost” or „Polityka” and many other widely read titles.

Though, the year 2015 brought a massive shift, because Władysław Mleczko, the head of the family and the founder of the shop chain, decided to add a new dimension to the business. He established the bakery producing genuine Polish bread. At the same time, Mleczko entered into their third decade with a new and unique produce inspired by tradition.

The bakery, which is located in the same Shepherds Bush premises as the first shop, supplies all branches with wheat, spelt, rye, sourdough breads white or wholemeal, also with seeds or sprouts. The company focuses on using only the finest ingredients and proven authentic recipes. Such bread has richer taste and is healthier, particularly if it’s made of wholemeal flour enriched with grains, dried fruits, or seeds. All these ingredients possess great health benefits. A genuine, organic bread does not mould, but naturally dries and gets stale which helps keep it for days without losing its nutritious value.

The bakery employs an experienced and skilful staff. With care and passion they introduce traditional and new recipes to produce top-class loaves and cakes. They bring the Mleczko customers the products that have no comparison and offer uncompromising quality.

The Shepherds Bush branch is one of the smaller shop in the chain, but it benefits from close proximity to the bakery. This is also where the customers are frequently greeted by Mr Mleczko, who keeps an eye on his business making sure they are properly looked after. He chats to shoppers telling them the stories from his adventurous life, early childhood spent in Siberia where he was sent by the Soviets during the WW2 and a very long journey he has made from there to where he is now.

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