Shepherds Bush Market

The authentic Polish taste

w_sklepieMleczko Shepherds Bush Market has become increasingly popular among the local residents. In 2015 it was completely refurbished to better suit the needs of its customers. The shop floor was significantly expanded which in turn has allowed for a wider choice of produce. Installing modern and efficient checkouts has helped improve customer service. Now, the shoppers can find an extensive selection of fresh meat from Mleczko’s butchers, wider range of cooked and smoked meats and a new department with quality cosmetics including Ziaja. It’s goat’s milk or argan ranges are one of the most sought-after Polish skin care products.

The shop serves the needs off all, even the most demanding customers. One of Mleczko’s biggest assets is its wonderful bread of incomparable quality made by their own bakery. 15 kinds of white and wholemeal breads, including traditional tangy sourdough, 10 types of savoury rolls and buns work well with the wonderful array of charcuteries and cheeses. A variety of sweet rolls and doughnuts and also several types of exquisite cakes complete the range.

Mleczko bakery uses a selection of flours, including spelt, rye and different types of wholemeal. The authentic flavours in their bread are the result of fermentation process and the time of baking and also the quality ingredients the bread is created from. They do not use any artificial colourings, flavouring, emulsifiers or preservatives in the production process. This unique taste has been recognised and appreciated by many customers getting enthusiastic reviews on social media.

Agata: You can buy a scrumptious wholemeal bread with seeds. It’s delicious! It’s the best bread I have ever had in my life. Thank you, Mleczko.

Mleczko makes their bread from the finest ingredients using time-tested methods. It becomes a natural choice for all who want to take care of their own and their family’s health. It is widely known that many other breads available in popular supermarket chains contain large quantities of "improvers" or "conditioners", not to mention chemical preservatives that prolong their shelf life, use of which, has become very controversial. In contrast, Mleczko offers a quality of bread which is as healthy and tasty as our great-grandmother’s made.

Mleczko is constantly looking to improve its offer, introducing more premium, above-standard products. Their aim is to provide the customers with the best possible produce at unbeatable prices.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 7:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00

Parking information:
Pay & display on side streets.

+44 (0) 20 8743 5688