Mleczko Hounslow

Variety and convenience

w_sklepieMleczko Hounslow is located in the centre of this colourful and multicultural borough of London. Hounslow brings together many nationalities and the Polish community is a substantial part of its population. All week round, Mleczko Hounslow is bustling with activity. A very convenient car park just behind the building helps make this one of the busiest shops. It attracts shoppers from Hounslow and the surrounding areas, who come in search of quality Polish foods: a more than generous choice of sausages, ham, pâtés and fresh meat, excellent dairy, tasty authentic bread and delicious cakes and much more.

Mleczko Hounslow is also a special place for local Muslim community. During Ramadan fasting, when they abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset, they often visit the shop to buy dairy products, particularly superb soured milk and buttermilk. Cheeses, butters, cottage cheese and lots of other milk products available in Mleczko deli are of exquisite quality. These products come from carefully selected producers and suppliers, but most importantly, they are transported in strict conditions of temperature control. Mleczko is very serious about maintaining the highest of standards when delivering dairy products. Products always arrive at the shops fresh and at the correct temperatures, even in a scorching summer. Unlike many of its competitors, the company has its own warehouse in London as well as its own specialised transport fleet. To ensure that the produce stays fresh and cool. Products delivered daily from a cold room straight to the shop fridges. The temperatures are rigorously controlled at all stages of the transportation process to help provide consumers with the best quality possible.

Also, many health conscious customers highly value Polish fresh fruit and veg. Known for their great quality and low content of preservatives, pesticides and herbicides. This gorgeous taste of Nature attracts consumers who never miss weekly deliveries straight from Poland and regularly buy apples, beetroots, cabbages or carrots. But Mleczko also sells seasonal produce such as chard or pickling cucumbers which are not easy to find in other local shops. In summer, seasonal fruit is in high demand, particularly fragrant and blissfully tasty strawberries, and also quite rare red berries or wild raspberries, or some delicious varieties of plums known only to Eastern Europeans.

Summer is the season for fresh produce, but quality preserves are a fantastic way to enjoy the goodness of fresh fruit and veggies when the harvest is over. Krokus is a brand which provides products of the highest quality. It is available not only in Hounslow, but also in Croydon, Slough, Sudbury Hill and Shepherds Bush Market. Krokus uses only traditional recipes without any chemical preservatives, artificial colourings or fragrances. Their products are manufactured using exactly the same authentic time-tested methods dating back to the 19th century. Krokus brings back the taste of Nature.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 8:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00

Parking information:
Pay&Display behind the shop, free on Sundays.

+44 (0) 20 8577 7880