Mleczko Greenford

Quick shopping with no compromise

w_sklepieMleczko Deli in Greenford is a well-established shop, opened in 2006 and the third in the growing chain. Not only customers from Harrow or Ealing come here regularly to do their shopping. Because of the convenient location and easy parking, it continuously attracts shoppers from the surrounding boroughs. It has become one of the busiest branches because it stocks a very wide selection of products including high quality charcuteries and fresh meat from Mleczko’s butchery.

It’s key to success is that it offers award winning brands from producers such as Tarczyński, Nik-Pol, Olewnik, Kabanos, but also smaller family-run firms who offer absolutely unique regional products – Krzyś and Leśniak from Sanok,or Kruszewnia. Their authentic cold meats are made based on traditional recipes using natural herbs and spices. They are delicious and healthy and have won the hearts and taste buds of many customers who look for quality and who also keep an eye on the price.

The appetising smell of roast meat fills the shop and attracts those who look for the convenience of a ready made dish on a weekday or during the weekend. Whole roast chicken or chicken wings, or scrumptious roast pork neck are available along with a side dish of Urbanek, red cabbage salad, or spicy leczo for a nutritious and satisfying meal.

The Greenford shop is regularly visited by customers from all over London, and not only because it constantly maintains the highest standard of service and fine quality of stock available, but also because of the convenient fuss free parking along the side road, which many high street shops simply do not offer. It is so much easier to do a substantial family shopping for the whole week. It helps that the shop stocks a tremendous variety of produce and the helpful staff makes the shopping experience pleasant and easy.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 8:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00

Parking information:
Free parking along Eastmead Avenue.

+44 (0) 20 8578 2777