Mleczko Croydon

Polish authentic food in South London


The deli in Croydon is the first Mleczko store in South London. So far, Mleczko shops have been mainly located in and around West London. Michael Mleczko who, with his brother Tony, runs the company established 20 years ago by their father Władysław, says: we keep getting numerous requests to open Mleczko shops in various locations. We decided to meet the high demand for Polish authentic food, and in March 2016 the shop in Croydon opened its door to customers. It’s one of our biggest and it definitely fills a gap in the market, providing a generous selection of quality food at affordable prices in this bustling borough.

The shop employs over 20 staff, serving customers in several departments including fresh, as well as cooked and smoked meat, dairy, bakery, fruit and veg. A few years ago, Mleczko introduced a loyalty scheme to help customers save money on their everyday shopping. They can apply for a special card, both in shops and online, which enables them to collect points for purchases they make. The members receive one point for every £ spent, which is equal to 1p added to their card. They can redeem their accumulated points at any time while paying for their shopping, so consequently, they buy for even less. The card holders also get access to bespoke offers e.g. discounted products or extra loyalty points for buying specific products. Mleczko customers highly value this program which saves them money on items they were going to purchase anyway!

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More and more consumers look for products without chemical additives or gluten free. People have become more concerned about the nutrition choices they make and therefore organic certified food is increasingly in demand. In response to these trends, the largest Mleczko stores, including Croydon, have introduced bio-products packed with nutrients and containing far less pesticides, preservatives or enhancers, and consequently providing various health benefits. You can find separate shelves for organic grains e.g. millet, quinoa or spelt, also wholemeal cereals, fruit preserves with no sugar added, also sought-after certified hypoallergenic baby food. Symbio is one of the brands available on the healthfood shelf. The manufacturers carefully select their ingredients sourcing them from ecologically sustainable and organic farms which supply produce without chemical pesticides and herbicides, antibiotics and hormones.

Mleczko Croydon can accommodate the most demanding customers offering a variety of products.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 8:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00

Informacja parkingowa:
Pay&Display on surrounding streets, lots of free parking space on Sundays

+44 (0) 20 8688 6859